A Possible Solution to California’s Housing Crisis


Most people who buy a new home believe the neighborhood is perfect, and after they move in, any additional residents will ruin the neighborhood with more traffic congestion. Most new residents don’t notice the glaring hypocrisy. California needs more housing. Everyone recognizes this fact, even the NIMBYs who oppose all new developments. California builders and developers fail to […]

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The Biggest Challenge Facing Residential Real Estate


While Dodd-Frank effectively banned the affordability products responsible for the housing bubble, in the wake of the price collapse, lawmakers struggle with unresolved issues pertaining to mortgage finance, Market InSite Real Estate Advisors’ Larry Roberts tells Roberts was recently appointed chief economist of the firm, a data and research firm affiliated with Land Advisors and […]

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What’s Going On With the FHA Loan Limits in California?


California endures a housing affordability problem. And it’s not merely that house prices are high. Families with high wages could finance mortgages large enough to buy more expensive properties, but they face another roadblock: the down payment barrier. This problem is illustrated below. In Orange County, the conforming loan limit on GSE loans and the […]

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4 Factors That Really Determine Pricing in the Housing Market


Most analysts focus on job growth or wage growth as the fundamental that underpins the housing market. While job growth is extremely important to homebuilders who provide supply for the newly employed, job growth isn’t what establishes market pricing. Financing terms largely determine the equilibrium price for housing. Short term fluctuations in supply and demand […]

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