Market InSite Appoints Larry Roberts Chief Economist


Market InSite Real Estate Advisors, a data and research firm affiliated with Land Advisors and Landmark Capital Advisors, has appointed Larry Roberts as chief economist. Roberts will manage the implementation and business development efforts of a new research subscription model that will appeal to land developers, homebuilders, and financial institutions.

The objective is to marry his existing proprietary technology platform and data interpretation skills with the “boots on the ground” market data being generated across the Land Advisors and Landmark Capital platforms.

Roberts brings more than 20 years of experience in homebuilding and land development including 10 years of experience in market research, analysis, and real estate reporting. During this time, he created market reports utilizing a patent-pending analysis of housing markets that provides landowners, developers, home builders, and financial institutions access to critical decision-making data.

“I’m delighted to expand these analytical tools through the resources provided by Market InSite and looking forward to exposing them to clients across the Market InSite, Land Advisors, and Landmark Capital platforms,” said Roberts.

In the 2000’s, Roberts sounded early warnings about the housing market and authored the book The Great Housing Bubble in 2008. Roberts also writes a daily housing market commentary and maintains a public forum at the OC Housing News where industry insiders keep abreast of developments in the housing market.

Roberts obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and his Master Degree of Science in Land Development from Texas A&M University.

Market InSite is a privately-held firm providing data and advisory services to clients who buy, sell, and develop residential land throughout California. The team provides the most complete demographic, sociographic, and home/land sales data necessary to advise clients on how to meet the demands of the marketplace resulting in proven profitable ventures